100% Made in italy

The ELISE GUG Collections are 100% Made in Italy with the finest Italian fabrics. They are produced with an eye for quality and tradition, but also with the Italian love for informal elegance in mind. 

Since 1994, Elise Gug has produced in Italy and in 2008 received the distinguished certification as 100% Made in Italy as the only foreign brand. 


Our strong design is accompanied by the highest tailor skills, top quality fabrics and the best quality of crafts and finish. Meanwhile, it is important to us that the circle is completed by a social and environmentally responsible process. It is a given to us that the not only is sublime but also has been made in a sublime manner. 

Furthermore, there are strict requirements in terms of the use of chemicals as well as chemical residues in fabrics in Western Europe, and especially in Italy. The working conditions are in line with the EU directives and in several ways, the working conditions are better in Italy than other EU countries. 

We believe that everything is cohesive. Our high ethical values are an integrated part of being able to create beautiful products. The beauty of a dress can only shine to the fullest, when the inside does not cover up a story of violation and exploitation. We cannot and will not leave an unforeseen bill to our descendants due to environmental pollution, forced labour or corruption. Only when the circle is complete, the beauty of a product will come into its own.


Carvias Aps - ELISE GUG   -   St.Kongensgade 108   -  1264 Copenhagen C   -  +45 2515 4555  -   E-mail: info@elisegug.com


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